Data Protection Policy

This policy sets out, first, what personal data is held by the Trustees of the Holst Singers (“we” or “us”), and how and why we hold it; secondly, how we use it; and thirdly, the rights of members and others in relation to that data (together with certain prescribed information).

The data we hold

We maintain a Holst Singers database of all active members of the choir in order to contact singers, organise concerts and generally fulfil the objects set out in our Constitution. This database will normally include the name, voice part, email address, phone number and photo of each member of the choir, as provided by that member on joining the choir and updated from time to time. In addition, the database may contain brief notes made during the audition process about vocal range, previous singing experience and general musicianship.

In addition, some personal data of members will be contained in the email accounts (and possibly telephones and personal computers) of Trustees and officers of the choir, most obviously the Fixer. Since around 2013, members of the committee have had password-protected email accounts which are specific to the role. When someone leaves the committee, the email account is passed on to their replacement and the password is changed. However, some personal data may be contained in the personal email accounts of current and former members of the committee (particularly those who were in post in 2013 or before).

We generally maintain details of singers in the database until it becomes clear that they are unlikely to sing with the choir again, usually because they have told us.

For certain purposes (most obviously for organising tours) we need to obtain more detailed information from members (such as addresses, dates of birth, passport numbers and next of kin details). This data is generally stored in electronic form and is deleted when it is no longer required. We do not currently hold any information compiled for past tours.

We also maintain a mailing list, which includes all those to whom we send communications about the choir. This includes former members, those who have signed up to the mailing list, members of our Friends Scheme and anyone else who we wish to keep updated about the choir. The data retained for the purposes of the mailing list consists of whatever information the choir held when the individual was added to it (which in many cases is simply an email address).

How we use data

The full database of active members exists only in electronic form. This database is accessible by members of the Committee. Selected details from the database may be shared with third parties, in particular as follows:

  • Names, voice parts and photos of participants for each project with the conductor
  • Names of participants listed by voice parts for concert programmes with administrators
  • Names and telephone numbers for the Fixer or their nominated deputy to assist with
    communication on tours or for projects utilising pre-booked travel such as coaches

In order to assist the Fixer with administration, attendance records are produced for each project. The Fixer maintains this record both online and as a hard copy. Attendance registers contain names, voice parts and rehearsal availability and attendance.

Data contained in the mailing list is not generally shared with third parties.

All data, whether held in the members’ database or the mailing list, may be shared with third-party electronic system providers that we use in the course of our administration and/or to the extent required by law or regulation.

The rights you have

You have various rights under the GDPR in relation to a data processor (which is likely to include the Holst Singers). The main ones are to:

(a) be removed from any database or email list;

(b) know what information about you we have;

(c) have any historical information deleted; and

(d) amend or correct your data.

If you wish to take further action in relation to any of these rights, which you can do at any time, please email the Chairman, copying the Fixer. The Holst Singers is a registered charity (number 278024) with address at Larchmount, Yewlands, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire EN11 8BX. For everyday administrative purposes, including data protection issues, you are likely to get a quicker response by using the relevant email address: